Church & School Construction Update

The church and school building in the village of Ambas-Pere is on schedule to be done by mid-December. This is home to 289 students of New Missions. Christmas this year will be celebrated in this new building to the glory of God!

After the ground breaking on October 6th, construction has continued at a busy pace. The foundation is secure and the walls are going up.

The entire building is 25 feet by 75 feet and will be our 22nd church and elementary school on the Leogane Plain in Haiti.

Please continue to pray for this project and the families that are impacted by this ministry.

Pray for Land

Currently in Haiti we purchase beans for our school food. We have the desire to purchase additional land to begin an agriculture program for growing black beans. On September 24, 2009, we received delivery of 400 55lb sacks of beans at the mission. The total cost was $12,000 U.S. dollars. Please pray with us for the purchase of land to grow black beans.

Host A Release Party for The Marie Chantal Story

Host a release party for The Marie Chantal Story. The kit includes posters, DVD, name tags, and door prizes. It's simple to be a host! Have a heart to help the poor. Open your home or small group. Serve something to eat or drink. Turn on the DVD and watch the 8min documentary. Order you free party hosting kit! [ ORDER NOW ]

The Marie Chantal Story release date is 09/09/09 at DVDs ship the first week of September.

40ft Cargo Container Released From Customs

On Wednesday, August 5th, in Haiti the long-awaited moment came. Our 40ft cargo container was released from customs. The fee was $8,300. We shipped to Haiti construction supplies, chain link fencing, and supplies for the mission. A full report will come in our September newsletter. Thank you for your prayers and support.

What Does The World's Strongest Red Neck Say About New Missions?

"New Missions, in my point of view, is the most loving Missions group out there today. I have seen first-hand how they feed, clothe, teach, and most of all, minister to the hurting kids in Haiti. I pray that your heart is broken as mine was to help in any way you can the children of Haiti by sponsoring a kid or buying bags of rice. Please pray for me, Steve McGranahan 'the Worlds Strongest Redneck' as I, along with New Missions, reach out and bless the children of Haiti with the love of Christ. Thank you."